Saturday, 15 March 2008

Pop-up books and space ships

Hallmark films "Alice in Wonderland" a great fun job, I designed and built a giant working pop-up book, the artwork was applied by myself and a brilliant artist (and really nice bloke) Bob Walker, who sadly died soon after we finished the job. Also I made plastic cakes and food that would not perish under the studio lights, several other props including an antique puppet theatre, this was a fun job getting that old look to a newly built object.

"The Avengers", also a huge project with over 100 model makers involved at one point

"Lost is Space" was a huge project, the models were miniature sets with many working mechanisms linked to motion control computers.

July 98-Oct 98
ALICE IN WONDERLAND, Hatter productions/Hallmark films
Model workshop supervisor, building 16ft x 10ft x 6ft pop-up book of the white rabbits house,
Antique style dolls house, antique style toy theatre, numerous large and small sized props: -
Door handles, cakes and cookies, fireside tools and furniture.

June 97-Nov 97
AVENGERS, Magic model co
Workshop supervisor, overseeing and building, 1/10 scale St Martins in the field, Admiralty arch, London buses and taxis for Trafalgar square model.
Building geodesic dome model.

Oct 96-May 97
LOST IN SPACE, Magic model co.
Workshop supervisor, overseeing and building, 1/100, 1/200, 1/1000-scale models of launch dome complex, and 1/100, 1/200 scale models of Jupiter 1 spacecraft.

Aug 96-Sept 96
Working on the model of the Daylight space station.

June 96-July 96
APOCOLYPSE WATCH, Model effects.
1/20 scale model of Big-Ben

April 96-June 96,
20,000 LEAGUES, Magic model co.
20 ft long model of H.M.S. WARRIOR.

Oct 95- May 96
Assorted commercials, building models, large scale props and assorted rigs including: - “I can't believe it's not butter” an advert that required a full body mould of the principle character and a break-away sculpt of the statue the guy emerged from....
... and several sanitary towel and nappy (daiper) commercials such as “Always ultra plus”, this required animating a panty-liner so its 'wings' folded and another so it rolled into uncomfortable shapes, plus lots of dripping rigs to show the absorbancy of them.

June 95-sept 95
Building models, large scale props and assorted rigs for various commercials.

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