Friday, 27 January 2012

33 years experience

A long career in engineering, design and creative model making, animatronics, and physical effects rig building.

I started my career training as a pattern maker, I have extensive experience working with all natural and wood based materials, and also I have extensive experience of all plastics and such chemical block and other "plastic wood" pattern making materials.

I am also very experienced with most Fibreglass, Epoxy and cold pour plastics as well as the health and safety requirements that go with their use.

I have good understanding of and long experience of vacuum forming, both pattern making for, and forming of various types of plastics, as well as the finishing and assembly of vacuum formed components.

I am highly computer literate, with over 10 years experience of Photoshop and similar imaging programs, as well as being very well versed with all digital imaging techniques.

As for the online CV I have a lot more to add, but as yet I have not digitised hardly any of the images, (and there are loads of slides and prints to go through), also there are some things that perhaps I should not display publically due to contractual obligations.. however I hope you enjoy looking at this lot as much as I enjoyed working on it all!

Bringing everything to date

March 2011

I have recently been working with Mistral Models making carbon fibre lifeboat cases and pattern work for the auto trade.

Mid 2011 onwards

I have been involved with 2 movies, a small amount of intermittent work on the science fiction movie "Gravity" and 4 months work at Mattes and Miniatures doing a Cadburys commercil as well as the 1/3rd scale Mansion house for Tim Burton's "Dark Shadows"