Saturday, 15 March 2008

Bonding with James, Goldeneye

A fabulous job on "Goldeneye" Pierce Brosnan's first outing as James Bond, all day every day building model Planes, Mig 29s at that, and Helicopters...... and being paid for it too.

A couple of the enormous amount of props seen in "Space Precinct"

I worked on several projects for Eagle models, the most enjoyable being the huge Guiness comercial with Rutger Huer as the scarecrow in a corn circle, this is the draughts board I made that was seen in the end sequence in "Davy Jones locker"

Sept 94- June 95
GOLDENEYE, EON Productions
One of the team building the Flying model MIG 29's, 1/4 scale EUROCOPTER for ejection sequence. 1/4 scale Cessna’s and SQUIRREL helicopters.

March 94- Sept 94
SPACE PRECINCT, Space productions/Mentorn films
Building action props, models, rigs and animatronics armatures.

Feb 93-Feb 94
Building models, large scale props and assorted rigs for various commercials.

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